Luthiers and fans in Walnut Creek, CA
Saturday November 10, 2001

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Pat Flanigan just added this maple Claxton EM-C to his collection. It lit up the room with its visual and sonic qualities, and played like a sweet dream.

Brian Wei came to ask the luthiers about repair and building, but he turned out to be another classical player who could fill the room with intricate counterpoint. Ko #3 had a strong voice under Brian's hands.

Kevin brought one of his I-beam braces. This piece of spruce resists pounds of force and is so light it practically floats away on the breeze.

Kevin took a turn on my Carruth 00-12C and found a little Chet in there too. Kathy has signed up for a class with Alan Carruth, and said this guitar made her really look forward to working with Al.

Pat Flanigan gives the Claxton a rest and tries my McCollum GA, walnut and Italian spruce. We had to take this one out on the deck, it's too loud to play indoors.

Mike Skinner savoring the fine old cognac sound of Matt Hayden's Santa Cruz OM.

Brian Wei is getting his first taste of a koa topped guitar, my Goodall KGCCK.

The wall of guitars was assembled and photographed moments before big fat raindrops started to fall. No dings were delivered in the process of putting these beauties away. Left to right on the bench: Carruth 00-12C, Wingert E, Ko #3, Claxton EM-C, Wingert 00-C, Takamine, Ko #2, Santa Cruz OM, Taylor 12-string, Martin 000-28VS, Bozo dread. Left to right on the deck: Daniel Caro Leonardo Guitarra Especiale, McCollum GA, Goodall KGCCK, Martin HD-28.

Back inside for the song circle.

Rev. Heng Sure joined us after a big event at his monastery.

If you haven't gotten together with friends lately to play music, just do it.

These pictures don't include my wife, Lynn, who gave me a great gift by completely taking over the logistics of the party, keeping the pickers fed and watered, giving me time and energy to enjoy the instruments, people, and music to the utmost.

And I forgot to get one of myself. Oops, maybe next time.