Picking Party 2004
June 19, 2004

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Craig enjoying Kathy's playing on one of Alan Perlman's classicals.

Craig is holding the OM that Alan also brought. He would usually be playing along with anyone and everyone, but when Kathy starts one of her classical pieces we all just listen and soak up the good feelings.

Debbie Cox recently became a Wingert owner.

Only guitar players can ignore my delectable peanut butter cookies and shortbread-bottomed brownies. That's Alan Perlman on the right.

The living room scene before the song circle got going ...

Chris Cordera, Jayne Schabel, Dawn McCollum's back, Debbie Cox, Kathy Wingert, Svea Norton.

Brenda Lippincott tries a Doolin OM and discusses DADGAD with Nancy Conescu.

Nancy performs with her Doolin. Brenda plays Celtic, slack key, and other fingerstyle music.

Dawn McCollum seems to be saying that you don't have to have a guitar in your hands to have a good time.

I think she found the best spot on the deck.

Doug Young is doing his magic on the Leach Voyage-Air dreadnaught. This guitar makes people's eyes bug out when Harvey unscrews the strap button from the neck heel and folds the neck over the top.

Doug is one my favorite players. He maintains a web page of pickup comparisons that is a tremendous resource.

Patrick Flanigan and his new bride Marilyn light up the room when they walk in.

They both have new guitars that they found at the (not)Healdsburg Guitar Festival. Marilyn's Bashkin was the epitome of modern design, with the sound of an old played in guitar. Pat brought one by Patrick Hodgins, who joined the De Jonge luthier family by marrying Joshia De Jonge.

Lance brought this Meghann Cutaway in Italian spruce and Tasmanian sassafras.

This guitar has really grown up and developed a big voice.

The Craig Saxon Band takes a bass solo on Mike Doolin's new toy.

This headless fretless actually produces useful volume without amplification. The whole package demonstrates a pretty remarkable imagination along with some serious woodworking skills.

It wouldn't be much of a party without Matt Sarad. He's another picker that I want to hear every day.

That's Doug Young's True North getting the Blarney Rubble treatment.

This cutaway OM is Matt Hayden's second effort at guitar building. It's a nice instrument, made by a player for a player with easy action.

That's my sunburst Wingert E tucked into the corner.

Matt also brought Beth along.

She's been to every one of our get togethers. In the background, Rusty is greeting Danny and Melanie.

Mark Macalik plays gypsy swing and latin beat on this remarkable instrument.

It was built by Leo Eimers from the Netherlands, and has a completely distinctive tone unlike any other guitar at the party.

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