Picking Party 2004
June 19, 2004

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Jayne Schabel brought along her Wingert 00 Cutaway, known as "Old Smokey" for it's rich voice.

This is quite a little corner of the guitar world, with a Wingert, a Martin OM-18GE, and a Leach Voyage-Air parlor all congregating.

Jim and Tami are our best buds, and they usually make it to our music events because they're fans of picking and grinning. I like to think they're fans of my baking too ...

I should have given Jim a camera, though. He focusses before he shoots.

There is more to life than music and guitars ... there's also table tennis!!!

My buddy Adam (Jim and Tami's oldest) is hitting a few with Alex (Matt Sarad's son).

Back to the guitars and pickers, the deck under the olive tree is one of my favorite picking spots, and it seemed pretty popular with the guests as well.

On the left we can barely see Nic, a friend of Matt Hayden. Then Alan Perlman's back followed by Joel Wummer's front, picking on a Doolin and facing Mike Doolin. Matt Hayden is plucking a Perlman classical while Chris Cordera plays a Doolin 12 string.

Now we can see the fronts

of Alan and Nic. Alan has one of his own classicals in hand, while Nic does first string runs on Matt's Santa Cruz OM.

You know these folks are jammin' the blues ...

Craig Saxon, Svea Norton, and Danny Click are hitting it. Svea is testifying on her Huss & Dalton OM, Craig plays Smokey, the Wingert 00, and Danny has Kathy Wingert's personal E.

Chris Cordera came down from Napa.

He brought along this '57 Martin D-18.

Later in the afternoon a group formed in our cookbook room/office/laundry room, where Nancy kept everyone in awe singing and playing her Irish repertoire.

When Mike joined in on his fretless bass the combination was out of this world. This little room soon filled up and had folks spilling out into the hall.

For example ...

Danny and Melanie have been peeking into the cookbook room enjoying Nancy's artistry.

Brian Kolner is a hotrod Leo Kottke fingerpicker, and he brought along one of his old master Bozos that shake the walls.

So how do I feel when I find that I only have one picture of his back and he's playing a Wingert. Sorry, Brian, I'm a klutz. Nic and Matt seem to agree.

So that's the story of Picking Party 2004. We missed a few of the folks who've made previous get-togethers special, but new folks joined us with new musical styles and new wild and wonderful guitars. It's really pretty easy to make one of these happen. Just pick a date when the weather looks nice and post a message on the 13th Fret and rec.music.makers.guitar.acoustic and before you know you'll be having just as much fun as we did.

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