The Pick-Fondle-Grin Lu`au
September 9, 2006

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This is part of the Na Mamo No`eau hula and Tahitian dance contingent, featuring the famously sprained ankle of ace Tahitian dancer and teacher, Hope Keung. Tawny is behind, watching some of our collection of hula videos.

We're all wishing you well and can't wait to see you up dancing again, Hope!


Howard Klepper, Jayne Schabel's back, and John Mello, conversing under the olive tree.

I'll bet Jayne is getting a terrific education.


Tom Lamson is working out on Dave Hilyard's Bills guitar, while Brenda enjoys the ride.

Brenda is a sweet picker herself, and is going on tour with her Hawaiian slack key and California fingerstyle next month.


Svea, a Klepper, Daniel, and his macho mando. That must have been a combination to savor.

That Klepper has a pretty good punch, doesn't it, Svea? Once again, notice cases and gorgeous guitars filling the background. And did I tell the story of the zebra striped deck? Well, maybe another time.


Hey, here's part of the story. I thought I had two weeks to finish the deck until I learned that I had an opportunity to road manage a tour by the amazing Kevin K. Brown, master slack key musician from Maui.

Having Kevin join us at the party made this the ultimate pick, fondle and grin ever. Kevin is holding a custom made instrument given to him by the maker, some indication of the love and respect people feel for Uncle Kevin. In the foreground you'll notice the back of his son, Ikaika's head. He's a hard man to catch with a camera.


We had dancing this year, including this one featuring a lovely chair dance by Hope, behind. That's Lynn, Tawny, Theresa, and Marie and I'll bet they're doing a Tahitian number.

Looks like the food line is still going in the background. The lovely lady seated to the right is Kevin's wife, Joleen Brown.


Here's the song circle getting going. Uncle Kevin is out of the frame to the left. Mats is doing the changalang on my Ko`olau tenor uke. Dawn is hiding in the corner next to the mural of the Calabrian countryside where Lynn's family originates. Steve Cyr has his gorgeous Cyr 12 string, and Phil from the halau is keeping his eyes on Uncle Kevin's hands.

One guy who dodged almost all picture taking is Uncle Kevin's son, the very talented Ikaika Brown. They toured a terrific father/son duo around Northern California and I got to enjoy their show every night. Musical heaven, believe me.


Here's some genuine deep hula by devoted and accomplished dancers. Lynnie probably hates being in front because she can't watch Tawny and Theresa for cool moves.

These folks came over after a gruelling day of practice for a big show coming up. The brought plenty of aloha spirit with them, too.


Steve Cyr and Phil Froilan again, with Joleen Brown and Jim Banghart to the right. The applause is probably for the hula dancers, they were just so amazing.

Jim Banghart pitched in something huge on the deck project, and he did so well I put him in charge of weather for the party. He did a great job on that, too. That's probably Ikaika's guitar with the red capo on the peghead.


Here we have Phil, Theresa's dad, Brenda, and a rare sighting of the back of Ikaika's head.

Music bringing generations together, it's something special, isn't it? This kind of spontaneous pleasure is why we love having these parties.


One last shot, Joleen's back, Theresa's dad, and Svea after her blast'o'blues for the song circle. Uncle Kevin and Ikaika later specifically asked who Svea was, she impressed the heck out of them.

Theresa's father, now in his 80s, still loves to play music and sing in song circles. He told me he regrets having given up music to pursue golf back in the late 40s. He only started playing guitar again after his 70th birthday.


Well, that's at least part of the story of the 2006 Pick & Fondle & Grin Lu`au. If I get more pictures from some digital camera fairy, I'll add them to the site, but for now I'm sure you can tell that this was one to remember. Let me close by suggesting that you call up some friends, or post some notices on the internet, and put together your own Pick & Fondle & Grin party. The world needs more real music, the kind made by friends for friends.

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