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Playing music by yourself can be satisfying but playing with a bunch of friends is FUN! We got snaps of nearly everyone who made it, and there were several other cameras going, so hopefully we'll even get a picture of Coop on some page or other. In the meantime:

The 13th Fret has become a virtual home for lots of guitar nuts, and here are the two nuts behind it. Dave Skowron and Monica surprised us when they immediately signed up to fly in from Las Vegas.

It was worth putting up with Dave just to get more time on his HD-28VS, and to meet Monica. Anytime we weren't playing or talking about guitars we could share puppy stories.


The Rev. Heng Sure, or "Monk" in many of his postings, appears to be cradling Marshall Newman's Braz and Adirondack Merrill OM, the first non-prototype sold in the US. Sorry we don't have pictures of the Rev's Bourgeios Martin Simpson, it's a very dramatic looking (and sounding) 12 fret dread.


Kathy Wingert, Kevin Ko, and Svea Norton are safe in the shade of the olive tree, enjoying the voice of Ko #4. That's Gigi, the koa/adirondack Wingert F that Dave Skowron loves to abuse with a flatpick, on Svea's knee.


Joel Wummer, Marshall Newman, and Patrick Flanigan don't have guitars in their hands??? Or food? Or beer? Boys, we gotta talk.


Hopefully those minidisc recorders on the table are capturing the music. Svea is belting one out with Sun adding her voice.

Looks like Svea's on Matt Hayden's Santa Cruz OM cutaway. Kathy might be holding her personal Braz and German model E, and Craig seems to be cradling one of the many gorgeous McCollums we had with us. In fact, it might be MY gorgeous McCollum.


Why is this man smiling? Because he's Walt Barber, he owns this amazing 1943 Martin D-18, and he knows how to make it sing! He's also a sweetheart and always keeps the music going.


Daniel Nestlerode has been one of the prime movers of SF Bay get togethers for several years. It was terrific to have him drop by. He's playing a Steve Swan/Santa Cruz "42 Flatpick D" inspired by Lester Flatt's old D-18.

Matt Hayden is actually playing his own guitar for a few minutes - the famous full mojo Santa Cruz OM cutaway.


Somehow I got caught in a picture, pontificating as ususal. That's Joel Wummer with his back turned, looks like my Carruth under his arm.

Craig is taking my sweeeeet walnut and Italian McCollum GA for a little spin. That's Tom Mahon behind Craig.


My buddy Jimbo doesn't play but he sure knows how to enjoy good music.

He also provides two kids for Lynn and I to enjoy, without us having to pay for braces. Whatta guy!


Matt Sarad is finding all the harmonics hidden in John Mello's fan braced steel string.

Matt is your basic Les Paul and a Marshall farm kid who knows every Merle Haggard song, flatpicks like Bryan Sutton, and whose motto is "All DADGAD all the time." Thank you and your wife for the scrumptious beers and impressive wines, sir.

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