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I was sure that with four recording rigs around we would capture every note but ... it was too hot upstairs in my music room so no one wanted to lay down tracks up there. The Rev. Heng Sure caught a minidisc full but had to leave before the singing started. My minidisc recorder fell out of the tree where I was hiding it to do some stealth recording. Still, I hope we caught a few choice bits for your listening pleasure. Just understand that this is only a tiny fraction of the great music that went on all day.

Matt Hayden reports that he is working on several minidiscs developing some more selections, so stand by.

Recording Equipment: My minidisc is a Sharp MD-SR60, with a SoundProfessionals T-Mic. Matt has a Sony MD and a Sony single point stereo mic - Details, Matt? Rev. Heng Sure also brought a Sony MD and a Sony single point stereo mic - details, Rev?

Kathy Wingert on Kevin Ko's #4 - 1.3 MB

Kevin on Kevin's #4 - Central City Flyer - .7 MB

Kathy on Marshall Newman's Santa Cruz OM - Windy and Warm - 1.3 MB

Kathy playing Marshall's Merrill OM - .95 MB

Kathy playing Patrick Flanigan's McCollum GA "The Pterodactyl" - .4 MB

Lance McCollum playing Marshall's Merrill OM - .5 MB

Fran on Heng Sure's Bourgeois Martin Simpson - Slack Key Noodling - .9 MB

Walt on his D-18 - 2 MB

Matt Sarad on Walt's D-18 - .8 MB

Kathy on her personal E, Walt on the D-18 - 2.4 MB

Walt on his D-18 reprises Kathy's song - .5 MB

Kathy and Walt - A fiddle tune - 1.8 MB

Kathy and Walt - Banish Misfortune - 1.2 MB

Kathy flatpickin' Walt's Merrill C-18 Dread - .75 MB

Walt flatpickin' Walt's Merrill C-18 Dread - 1.5 MB

Walt and Kathy - Pretty Boy Floyd - 1.5 MB

Svea doing a Country Blues - 3.2 MB

Kathy doing a fast blues shuffle - 3.4 MB

Craig Saxon - You Make Me Feel So Young - 2.8 MB

Matt Hayden - Original - 4 MB

Kathy - Mercy - 3.8 MB

Joel Wummer (or Daniel Nestlerode?) - Landslide - 2.4 MB

Matt Hayden - Duoglide - 1 MB

Fran - Waialua slack Key - SC Brozman - 1.2 MB

Kevin Ko - Pu Uana Hulu, Ko #4 - 1.6 MB

Walt and Matt Sarad - Sweetheart of the Mountains - 3.4 MB

Kathy and Sheri - Going Going Gone - 1.35 MB

Sheri - Once in a Very Blue Moon - 1.3 MB

Craig - In My Life - 1.9 MB

Craig doing an original? blues, Svea stinging - 3.1 MB

Fran on the Ko`olau tenor ukulele, Waiting for a Train - 1 MB

Svea - Oreo Cookie Blues - 1.5 MB

Svea - Muse Blues - 1.2 MB

Svea and Craig - Can't Find My Way Home - 1.1 MB

Svea - Who'd a Thunk It - 1.9 MB

Svea - a country blues - 1.6 MB

The "Studio" Tracks

Kevin Ko spent some time at our house the day after the party and we took the opportunity to record two tracks with his Ko #4 induced archtop nylon strung guitar. He graciously consented to include them here. The recording chain was a pair of Sound Room Octava MC012 small diaghragm condensers in a coincident right angles configuration, about 18" from the 12th fret on Ko #4. The preamp is an M-Audio DMP-3 into an M-Audio Omni I/O and a Delta 66 sound card. The computer is a Dell GX150, a nearly silent PC, running a 1 GHz PIII and .5 GB of RAM. We used Cool Edit 2000 to record and edit, then applied Freeverb 2 using N-Track, then back to Cool Edit to create the MPEG files.

Arioso is a tune by Muriel Anderson - 2.7 MB

It Never Gets Easier is also by Muriel - 2.8 MB